Week 4 Feedback to Subordinates

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Week 4: Feedback to Subordinates
As a leader or a manager, one may find themselves giving feedback to subordinates whether consciously or unconsciously. It is important to know that feedback is an important aspect in employee and organizational growth. Hence giving feedback should be done with utmost concern. Good feedback is the one that is given regularly. It should also be timely in that when an employee delivers good work, it`s appreciated immediately also when there are shortcomings, the employee gets to know they have not met the expectations of the manager (Buron, & McDonald-Mann, 1999).
In addition, good feedback should be specific. There should be no generalization of feedback. Being specific allows subordinates know what exactly they did well or wrong. It also avoids them to be defensive. When giving negative feedback, ensure that an employee is alone or in a private setting so that they are not ridiculed by others. Giving negative feedback in presence of colleagues can lower the employee`s self esteem. Giving negative feedback amid positive feedback is effective. But avoid sandwiching good feedback between negative feedback (Buron, & McDonald-Mann, 1999).
In addition, good feedback describes the subordinate`s behavior without implying motives. As a leader, one should also offer suggestions and guidance to their subordinates on how they can change their behavior for better performance.
Finally, the readings of the week have got excellent content on leadership. Particularly the part on being sensitive on the imbalance of power when giving feedback to an employee is very important (Buron, & McDonald-Mann, 1999). An employee may not feel comfortable or take feedback positively when a leader tries to boss them around. Leadership is about humility you should be approachable by subordinates in order to give feedback and for them to appreciate any feedback whether positive or negative.
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