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Text Critique: Once More to the Lake
Once More to the Lake is a descriptive essay authored by E.B. White which brings back the memories of the past with particular focus on the Maine Lake. The recall of the past and the realization of the author`s being at present is the central theme of the essay. The title depicts a place where the author`s father had brought the family for a camping. This event happened every August. The author now has a child of his own and he wants his son to experience the beauty of the place while sharing with him the memories he used to share with his father and the family.
Overall, the text is a very lengthy one and contains an extremely meticulous account of sequences of events without having a clear direction where the entire context is going to end up. The entire essay is made up of sensory details which have the capacity to bring the audience from one dimension to another. In addition, the author`s specific objective in this masterpiece is to demonstrate the present situation at the lake. In fulfilling its purpose, the essay has a deep sense of sentimentality as the author narrates the many beautiful memories that took place at the Maine Lake. As the events unfold in the essay, there are parts in which personal experiences can be drawn. However, for the reader to experience the same feeling, a revisiting of the place would be essential.
Delving deeper in the essay`s framework, values are usually displayed in subtle ways. For instance, the author is being sentimental about being old but as he deals with the thought of getting old, White also considers believes he is already old. This part becomes a sharp conflict in him being once a part of the lake as a child and now being a mature individual sharing his experiences with his youthful son. Because of this, the author is obliged to handle the forces of nature and deal with identity crisis.
The lake, being part of nature, creates a familiar sight throughout the essay. Just as nature is inherently natural, so are the types and characters of people which are usually honed by their environment. The author had periods of being resistant to nature and to change. The sound of the motorboats does not please him and he reflectively desires the fuss of people arriving at the place as well as the management of trunks. The author recalls the past as apparent in the eerie sensation in White encounters periods from the viewpoint of his father. The remaining part of the essay relives more disturbing atmosphere all leading to the astounding last line.
In the whole context of the essay, it is clear that White has no specific direction of going in. The author is confronting the fact of not being able to desire to do things which children normally do such as swimming amidst the storm. Mortality has been accepted hence the part of the essay which mentions the chill of death can be an indication that signifies middle age. White realized that his thoughts were focused on the nature of the Maine Lake. He failed to realize his own nature and how he has changed over the years. Once More to the Lake is an essay that depicts a moment of realization through series of sensory details. White believes that through time, he has turned into a different person – more mature than he was years ago.
White, Elwyn Brooks. “Once More to the Lake.” published in Harper`s magazine in, (1941): Print.