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Technical Writing
Question 1
1. How does the ABC format apply in writing expanded definitions?
ABC is the abbreviation for Abstract, Body, and Conclusion. The definition of a term can be expanded by splitting it into these three components (Johnson, 2011).
In this case an abstract is a brief summary and it includes formal definition. It assists in describing ways of expanding that definition.
The Body has got information which supports the definition at hand and is characterized by lists and outlines (Johnson, 2011). Lastly, the conclusion reasserts the statement of the problem and brings out a judgment concerning the whole information from the introduction
2. What are the seven ways to expand a definition? Why are these important to technical writing?
According to Johnson (2011), the ways of expanding definition includes
* Background or history of the term from the beginning till then to know of its existence
* Explanation of how the term is applied in the context of your document
* List of parts of the term this breaks up long tasks and makes it easy to be reviewed.
* Use of graphics like drawings, charts, graphs and diagrams to make understanding easier.
* Comparing or contrasting with other terms for the reader to relate with other terms
* Explanation of underlying basic terms
* Giving an illustration for more understanding of the term
3. When should you write a description?
According to Johnson (2011), description can be written as follows
* Description can be written when making specification whereby a product or object is described to have made certain standards.
* It is also used when applying for patent where a description of invention or specification is made.
* Field notes these are notes gathered in or after study of a given item in the field and it is of great importance in descriptive sciences such as biology, geology and archeology.
* An observation is a means of collecting data from primary source and uses a lot of description during recording the data.
4. Define analogy? Provide example?
Johnson (2011) illustrated analogy as a process of relating a new thing to a thing which resembles it based on its features for the sake of describing or explaining it for instance, the analogy between the pump and the heart. The heart and pump are related in that both use pumping mechanisms. Pumps can be used in practical to show how the heart works where
5. What are three common ways to describe physical objects and events?
Johnson (2011) outlined the following ways
* Specific and short to the point title
* Introduction of the objects or events
* Clarification of its characteristics, functions or steps of the process
6. What are the five choices for locating a definition?
According to Johnson (2011), the five choices include
* Similar sentence
* Different sentence but immediately preceding the word
* At the bottom of the page
* At the glossary at the start or last part of the document
* At a appendix
7. What three components make up formal definitions?
Johnson (2011) brought forward the following
* The word which is to be defined
* The class or rank this provides the reader with a familiar thing to relate the term
* Differentiating characteristics from other members of class
8. List the guidelines for writing descriptions? Describe their importance and provide an example.
These are the guidelines of writing descriptions and an example from Johnson (2011)
* It should take in mind the need of the reader. In this case one should identify the role of the description, then identify the aim of the audience and come up with the details to be used in the description.
* Accuracy and the objectives one should be keen to get accurate details. The objectives can be deduced from a wide perspective of professionalism in the area and justifiable from the description and illustrated with details.
* Organization plan sometimes sections of the documents may be original but some can be picked from other sources. The document should rather be specific than general by describing parts, how they work and its process.
* Use of graphics and analogues the graphics used assist in getting more understanding while analogies compares a new thing with another which resembles each other.
* Place description to visual testing this is a guideline where one gets an audience unaware of the document to make an illustration through sketches of items as they listen you describe them to show he or she can really visualize it.Example
Alzheimer Disease
This was first coined by a German physician Alos Alzheimer in 1907 as a neurological disease which shows signs of memory loss, impaired thought processes and abnormal behavior. If it begins before 65 years it is called Alzheimer`s disease but after 65 it is called senile dementia. Nearly 5% of US populations are suffering from dementia and another 10% have memory impairments. 40-50% has got Alzheimer`s disease (Johnson, 2011).
Affected individuals are beginning being forgetful. As memory loss worsens, although able to recall occurrences in past are unable to recall recent events. Occasionally, the speech, ability to calculate, visual, judgment and social behavior become abnormal hence become more demented and die of it (Johnson, 2011).
9. Online learning
According to Wolfe (2002), online learning or e-learning is the use of electronic media and information communication technology in education. It`s been proposed that `e` should be adopted as easy, extended, enthusiastic or education. The wide interpretation mainly emphasizes on new application and development and brings learning into consideration (Wolfe, 2002).
There have been many words to describe this concept like computer based training and any term has its advocate who raises its own distinction. (Wolfe, 2002) However, technology has advanced particular narrowly defined aspect that was initially emphasized has blended with e-learning. For instance, virtual learning can be defined in a narrow sense as implies entering the environment within virtual world. (Wolfe, 2002)Virtual education is any instructional course in which all or at least significant portion is delivered by internet. It is a form of long distance learning in which course content is delivered by various methods such as course management application, multimedia resources and videoconferencing(Wolfe, 2002).. Students and instructors communicate via these technologies.
E learning is economically significant and development in internet and multimedia technology are the basic enabler of e learning with consulting, content, technologies, services and support being key sectors of e-learning.
Toyota Hiace H100 is a fourth generation vehicle which was made by a Japanese manufacturer named Toyota and was first launched in 1989 and is mainly used for commuter purposes.
It is in many variants namely grand cabin, standard and long wheelbase van and super long wheelbase high roof van. The Toyota H100 is better built than any other models. It has got four wheel drive but one has to raise them or increase ground clearance therefore it is suitable for off-road activities. In addition, it has 2.5 liter 2KD-engine which is more efficient than other Nissans like Nissan E24 OR E25.In terms of spare parts, the Toyota H100 has many spare parts sold in many hardwares and one cannot run short of. It can accommodate 10-14 passengers.
The Toyota H100 is a vehicle of choice for commuter business since it has low fuel consumption. It is cheap to buy and is easy to maintain.
According to (Fuller, 2002) a sonnet is an Italian lyrical poem which has fourteen lines and written in a pattern where the first syllable is not stressed while the preceding one is stressed five times (Fuller, 2002). There are Petrarchan, Shakespearean and modern sonnets.
It was invented in Italy by Giacomo Da Lenteni and it arises from the term sonnet which implies a little sound (Fuller, 2002). In the ancient time, sonnets were categorized taking ryme scheme into consideration. Turn and volta were used to evade the monotony of iambic pentameter. There are many types of sonnets. Petrarchan sonnet is composed of two stanzas that are the octave or the initial eight lines and the sistet or the last six lines (Fuller, 2002). The Petrarchan provides a discussion, observation or pose a question. In addition, a turn and volta arises in between line eight and nine (Fuller, 2002).
Shakespearean sonnet is divided into the first twelve lines and the last two lines which follow a rhyme scheme. Each line has 10 syllables .The last two lines is important since it brings out conclusion and increases tone which brings quality at last. The initial twelve lines make comparison and bring out the issue or the question (Fuller, 2002).
Modern poems are short and lyrical. Some have fourteen lines which don`t maintain the rhyme schemes. Some use 10 to twelve lines consisting of volta or turn (Fuller, 2002).
The sonnets are very lyrical and the best way to enjoy the sonnet is to give a loud sound. The modern sonnets have been really improvised and are the best.
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