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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The ranging Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots in British colonization, western powers such as America, as well as misinformed decisions by international bodies such as the United Nations and its predecessor, the League of Nations. The conflict, which has raged on for decades, started with the Balfour declaration of 1917, whereby, the then British prime minister announced the British support to establish a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine. The conflict has since escalated owing to various deluded decisions, which have empowered Israel to colonize the once free Palestine (Sacco 45). This paper discusses the colonization of the Palestine by Israel, identifies various practices actions and policies illustrating Palestinian colonization and outlines different effects of the colonization on individuals and state.
In its policies, Israel regularly denounces the application of international laws, when violating Palestinians rights. Israel soldiers maim and subject Palestinians to all forms atrocities, denying them their basic human rights. However, they evoke these international laws seeking justifications of human rights violations committed by Palestinians with the excuse of protecting their citizens. This is aggravated by the acquiescence by the United Nation to criminalize Palestinian resistance, even though international laws allow counties to fight against colonial domination (Thompson 65). This Makes Israel superior to Palestine, giving Israel legal rights to violate the rights of Palestinians this seems to be accepted by the international community (Sacco 45).
Since establishment of Israel state in Palestine, the right to land has been the major cause of the decades-old conflict. Various Jews` movements, such as the Zionist, empowered Jews to purchase land from Palestinians, hence occupied much of Palestine. The occupation intensified in the late twentieth century, corrupting the Jews, who wished to occupy the whole of Palestinian Territory. Even with increased state and individual occupation of Palestine, the Israeli political class maintained that the occupation would only last until the attainment of civil freedom in Palestine. However this was not the case since Israel has maintained the control of these territories to date. This has negatively affected the Palestinians living in these territories, owing to the various atrocities committed by Israel (Sacco 77).
To weaken Palestinian Economy and military prowess, the Israeli military has demolished underground tunnels initially used to smuggle basics goods such as food and clothing, as well as military weapons into Palestine. Israel introduced tightening economic blockades by closing all ports of entry to these tunnels and banning importation of everything that would allow Palestinians to live above subsistence level. This economical and political crush of Palestine is a form of colonization (Thompson 75).
Israel instituted a system of color controlled identification cards that has led to separation of the Palestinians from their families. The system has divided the Palestinians into five groups, the Jerusalem ID, the Israeli ID, the West Bank ID and refugees in exile. Additionally, Israel has started the erection of an eight-meter separation wall, for security purposes. However the wall has a deep intrusion and threatens to take more of Palestinian land, as well as annexing several Palestinians into Israel, which is more problematic since they are never given citizen`s legal rights (Thompson 56).
The colonization of Palestine by Israel has had various negative impacts among the Palestinians, as individuals and as a state. It has led to violation of Palestinian human rights, where Palestinians are maimed and killed by Israeli forces (Sacco 73). Additionally, this colonization has led to occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, leading to the intensification of the conflict. The color controlled ID has led to separation of Palestinian families, hence the psychological agony that comes with separation. The security wall has alienated some Palestinians from their families and annexed them to Israel dominations. This becomes a tricky situation, since Palestinians are never given citizen recognition rights in Israel (Sacco 43).
From the aforementioned, the Israeli-Palestinian has its root in the times of colonization, and has escalated due to erroneous decisions taken by international bodies such as the United Nations. These have empowered Israel to colonize Palestine, through various policies actions and practices, which involve territorial occupation, institution of color controlled IDs, as well as erection of security wall to separate Israel from Palestine. These have negatively impacted the lives of all Palestine Citizens.
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