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Woman’s Rights
The topic about women’s rights has been in discussion for a long time.
Suffrage movements have been formed and several demonstrations carried
out to fight for these rights. Women in society are no longer satisfied
with their “demeaned” state which does nothing good to them except
to oppress them. The society has automatically defined the place of a
woman to be the kitchen and taking care of family affairs including
giving birth. They have not been allowed to further their education but
rather devote their time in accomplishing these “vital” roles. They
feel that they are of much worth more than what society has defined them
to be.
Women have been fighting for the right to have an independent life, the
right to ascend in power and the right to pursue careers just like men.
There have been several debates held in every corner and continent of
the world with regard to this issue. Women have been complaining that
society only seeks to oppress them and make them not achieve their
goals. They argue that man has been given a lot of autonomy and power to
dominate, whether in the homes or in the corporate society. Several
female activists have seen come up to defend women and fight for their
rights. This has seen the laws of several states being altered in order
to accommodate these views. This paper is purposed to give a detailed
discussion on the rights of women in society. This will be done by
comparing the views presented by different authors on the same subject.
Similarities and differences in the points of view will be analysed.
Radicalesbians in the article The Woman Identified Woman tables a
discussion arguing in favour of lesbians in society. The article states
that lesbians are women just like the rest with the only difference of
coming out boldly to be true to them. According to the article, lesbians
are victors in the sense that they have defied all odds in society to
fight for what they believe is right: freedom of expression. The article
stipulates that lesbians find it hard to fit in the sexiest society
where different opinions on certain matters like relationships are not
acceptable. They have to hide from others and live a private life,
especially in the initial stages. A time comes when they can no longer
hide but live openly like others. It is at this point when they become
the enemies of others in society since they are perceived to be living a
strayed kind of lifestyle (Radicalesbians 1970).
According to the article, lesbians are women who have decided not to bow
to the inferior definitions tagged on females by society. They are bold
enough to come out and seek for their independence, something that all
women are craving for in their hearts. The article states that society
has given an awkward definition of women and this is very devastating.
Women have been defined as child bearers, home keepers, cooks, men’s
slaves and sex objects. There is no happiness that women can have in
their entire lives. They are always there to serve and take care of
others at the expense of their happiness and progress in life. The
author states that this is what lesbians in the society have come up to
live against. They have decided to pursue their interests and happiness
in life rather than living a life full of grieve (Radicalesbians 1970).
Emma Goldman gives a detailed discussion on the contentious topic
“Love and Marriage.” Unlike the first article which talks about the
rights of lesbians, Goldman in this article discusses the difference
between love and marriage. The author says that the two are not
synonymous as society has always believed in the illusion. Emma says
that the two are so different and no one should confuse them. According
to the article, love is not as a result of marriage as many tend to
think. In fact, marriage without love as the foundation is just a
commitment to life-long suffering. Marriage is like an investment whose
returns are much less than the resources put in it. In marriage, a woman
literally sacrifices all that she has and gives it up for the sake of
the man. She has to sacrifice her career, love and even her own life
just for the husband. She commits to a life-long binding agreement which
will be marked with much pain and suffering till her death. It is in
marriage where the woman has to put off all her cravings and feelings so
as to be a good home keeper. The article goes further to state that most
women in marriage are always unhappy since they have given up everything
in their lives to men who don’t even care. They sacrifice their
freedom and aspirations in life so as to take care of a family (Goldman
The author says that this should not be at all as one’s happiness is
much more important than anything else in the world. Goldman continues
to say that people should only be married on the basis of love and not
convenience, something the society has successfully drilled into the
heads of people. The author is very shocked at saddened by the fact that
many marriages do not last because of this. According to the article,
society has based the institution of marriage on this big illusion that
love will follow afterwards. Many ladies have given in to marriages that
they personally do not approve of. The end result is that they have been
shocked that they cannot obtain their happiness in life and thus
divorce. Divorce has been so rampant in the world with the current rate
being at 73 percent. The author gives a word of advice that love should
be the pillar of marriage and in that way people are sure of attaining
The main similarity between the two articles is that they both talk
about the rights of women. In both, the authors address the critical
issue of happiness and independence in life. Both acknowledge the fact
that society has inculcated wrong values of life into individuals. Women
are regarded as people of lesser value than men in society. Both
articles talk of the many ways that society has been oppressing women.
They are deprived of their rights, happiness and ambitions for the sake
of others. In both articles, the authors say that women have been
regarded as sex objects, without any ambitions in life and child
bearers. These are the main roles of a woman in society. Both authors
seek for audience to agree with the fact that women are meant for much
more than the definition given them by society. In both the articles,
the issue of independence for women is mentioned. According to the
authors, women, just like men, need to have their independence and
freedom. They should be happy in life and not under any oppression. Both
the authors advocate for the freedom of women in society regardless of
how they would want to express themselves. They are free to walk out of
a marriage and file a divorce in case they don’t find love or they can
decide not to be married all together. In either ways, they are better
off than when they are oppressed in the name of wives. Bot5h the authors
argue that it is okay to stray from the societal definition of life so
long as one finds happiness and satisfaction in life (Wells 1895
Douglas 1852).
The two articles compare to a large extend with the rights struggles
argued for by Douglas and Wells. In all the articles, the main issue
addressed is right to independence for human beings. Both Douglas and
Wells argue on the basis of independence for the oppressed races under
colony. They address the issue of slave trade and how blacks were
oppressed by the whites. They talk of how blacks struggled to gain
independence and their rights. The authors talk of how the forefathers
fought very hard to attain the independence they so much wanted. This
compares with the argument for women’s rights by the previous authors.
The two categories of authors address the issue of independence as a key
to happiness. There are several differences in the two categories of
authors. The first group are advocating for the rights of women in
society. The group argues that women should be accorded the right kind
respect in society and not be subjected to oppression. They should be
allowed to live happily and pursue their dreams in life just like men.
The group argues that it is important for society not to make women to
appear as lesser human beings than their male counterparts. The second
category of authors addresses the issue of independence regarding both
sexes. The authors talk of how the forefathers fought very hard to
remove the oppression of the whites. The authors give details of how the
Negros had to undergo pain and suffering in the struggle for
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