Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has been quite prevalent in the contemporary human
society’s workplace. While there are varied definitions of this term,
sexual harassment underlines unwelcome sexual favors’ requests, sexual
advances, as well as other physical and verbal conduct of sexual nature
that generates an offensive, hostile and uncomfortable work environment
(Noe et al, 2011)t. Sexual harassment comes in two forms including quid
pro quo sexual harassment and hostile environment sexual harassment.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment comes into play in instances where the
capacity of employees to keep their jobs or be on the road to promotion
is based on their rejection of or submission to sexual advances
alongside other forms of inappropriate sexual comments (Noe et al,
2011). Hostile environment sexual harassment, on the other hand,
revolves around cases where sexual advances from workers or one’s
supervisors make the employee’s working environment offensive and
hostile even when it does not affect the future of the employee’s job
or chances of being promoted.
While it may be difficult to curb sexual harassment, firms need to
collaborate with their employees to ensure that the vice is eliminated
entirely. First, firms need to come up with a clear policy for sexual
harassment, which defines the vice and states in clear terms that it
will not condone such acts. In addition, firms need to train their
employees about all aspects of sexual harassment including what it
entails, the right of employees to a workplace that is free of sexual
harassment, as well as the complaint procedures (Noe et al, 2011). In
addition, stern action should be taken against culprits of sexual
harassment so as to discourage potential culprits. Lastly, it is
imperative that the firm provides proper channels through which
individuals can report and obtain redress for sexual harassment in the
workplace without being stigmatized.
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