Response to Classmates` Blog about Re-Viewing the Past Institution

Response to Classmates` Blog about Re-Viewing the Past
Question A
From the posts, the reviewers have attempted to assess re-viewing the
past blog. The posts show that the blog entails dramatization of
historical events and its significance. A number of things can be learnt
by reading the posts. For instance, the reviewers have given their
different views regarding historical inaccuracies used by directors and
film makers in their films. From the posts, I have learnt that
historical inaccuracies may be beneficial or harming to individuals’
understanding of historical happenings and figures. Those supporting
inaccuracies in films have argued that if used properly and for
entertainment purposes, they assist in individual perception and their
willingness to find out more concerning authentic history behind the
occurrences. With reference to this, films founded on historical events
assist people in having a wider understanding regarding historical
happenings. The reviewers have used a number of films in order to
support their arguments. Most of them have used The Crucible, The
Patriot, The Alamo, and The Black Robe. These films were subject to some
inaccuracies with an aim of catching the viewers’ eye.
Some reviewers have argued that historical inaccuracies provide people
with motivation to search for that which interests them. In addition, it
helps people to be open minded by trying to find out whether some things
that are portrayed in the film actually took place. This implies that
inaccuracies enlarge individual thinking capacity. Through this, people
want to find out and learn more regarding what took place in history by
doing research. From a movie such as The Crucible, the film maker has
obtained language and episodes from the trial record. These have been
modified with the intention of giving the film a historic feel. By doing
so, the film maker has been able to attract a wide array of audiences to
watch the film ate understand what took place then.
On the other hand, some reviewers have argued that historical
inaccuracies may damage individual understanding of historical
happenings. In turn, this may harm how individuals perceive current
people or groups. This is based on the fact that it is difficult for
people to know the reality of what took place. The inaccuracies may
portray some people as evil, and in reality, that is not the case. This
may make such people be perceived as evil even during the current time.
For instance, in The Patriot, the British are illustrated as evil as
they are linked with putting the church ablaze. Nevertheless, the
occurrence of this has not been documented. In the current time, people
are so vulnerable into believing everything they see and linking it with
the truth. If the inaccuracies are employed by the film makers to
desensitize the viewers by excluding significant historical happenings,
they could then modify how some things are perceived. In a nutshell, the
inaccuracies put forth by film makers and directors in movies with the
purpose of attracting a wide array of viewers could damage their
Another thing I have learnt from the reviews is that it is difficult to
conclude whether inaccuracies are beneficial or damaging to individual
understanding of historical happenings. Certainly, people view the movie
and take up what they deem important. Movie makers use their personal
viewpoints of what they envisage took place in writing the story. With
regards to this, audiences have a responsibility of deciding what is
accurate and believe in the same. The viewers should not deem that there
exists a single representation of history, considering that film makers
twist the stories in order suit their desires.
Question B
From the responses given by the reviewers, there are various things that
can be deemed interesting and insightful. For instance, it has been
illustrated that individual capability to understand historical
happenings cannot be hampered by having diverse opinions of historical
occurrences in a movie. Certainly, through this, people are able to
comprehend the various sides of an anecdote thus, expanding their
capacity to understanding the reality behind the foundation of the
happening. For people to understand what took place in the past, it is
important for them to look beyond defined ideas and identify that there
exists other notions. This is based on the fact that film makers usually
put together the certainties that which are acknowledged, and try to
comprehend the unidentified ones.
Question C
While creating films, film makers and directors make use of their
beliefs and individual opinions. They integrate such factors as
ideological plans and politics in their films. It has been illustrated
that historical happenings have been retold with the intention of
satisfying individual motives. In most cases for instance, political
motives are the basis of most stories. Through this, the film maker is
able to appeal to his/her audience. This is to say that some
inaccuracies are incorporated in films with the purpose of drawing a
large number of viewers. This would render the generation of today
victims considering that it can be taken advantage of easily for a good
story instead of the reality.
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