Reading Response Phaedra Pezzullo

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Reading Response: Phaedra Pezzullo
The following quote was taken from (Pezzullo, 2003) for the response to
the reading:
“Combining the categories of nature and culture tourism, the aim of
such tours is to raise awareness and to help mobilize further action for
environmental justice (Di Chiro) or, as Catherine Murray describes it in
the above epigraph, to encourage people to smell the light as well as
see it.” p.227.
The reason for selecting this quote is the inclusivity of the message in
the quote in relation to the case being presented by the whole reading.
This quote presents a strong case of Pezzullo`s argument that toxic
tours have been of essential influence to the way he perceives the
environment that people of the locality are exposed to. In particular,
the inclusion of the factors of culture and tourism in cultural tourism
in addition to the factor of nature through environment, Pezzullo
includes all the determinants that shape the entire reading (Pezzullo,
2003). Through this single sentence, Pezzullo provides all the
importance of toxic tours and the need for environmental justice.
A notable question would be how is Pezzullo`s reading reflect the fight
against cancer and the related degenerative diseases in other regions
and not just in the locality favored by the toxic tour? It is worth
asking that question in order to be able to evaluate the impact of the
toxic tours towards the progress of the fight against the disease.
Commenting on the reading will be in relation to the question of the
ability of such toxic tours to influence the perception of people on
environmental justice. If this would be effective, the tours would be
taking as a tool for fighting cancer and degenerative diseases and not
jus a cultural tourism practice.
Pezzullo, P. (2003). Touring “Cancer Alley,” Louisiana: Performances
of Community and
Memory for Environmental Justice. Text and Performance Quarterly. Vol.
23, No. 3, July 2003, pp. 226–252