Public Perception about Google Glass

Public Perception about Google Glass
Google glass is part of the recent developments in the field of wearable
technology, which have received varying opinions from the members of the
public and professionals such as health care providers. Google glass has
an optical head-mounted display that will display information in a hands
free format (Miller, 2013). This wearable computer is designed in way
that allows it to communicate with the internet through voice commands
in a natural language. Although the initial glass was fitted in the
spectacle frames without the vision glasses, Google’s partnership with
dealers in sunglasses and contact glasses has resulted in the
integration of normal glasses into the frame. While the majority of the
Google glass consumer termed it as among the best inventions of the
year, there are some, especially the healthcare professionals who
believe that the glass has several negative implications to consumers.
According to Kelly (2013) the Google glass may result in eye strains
similar to what is experienced by individuals who spend too much time in
from of mobile devices or computers. While some healthcare professions
feel that the Google glass has negative health implications, others
think that its features can be harnessed in healthcare operations,
especially the surgical operations (Engelen, 2013). This creates a
contradiction regarding the usefulness of Google glass.
Although Google glass is being perceived as futuristic, there are two
opposing issues that will affect the progress of this sector, namely the
aspect of being stylish and the perceived corns of wearable technology
such as the Google glass. The proposed study will evaluate the potential
health effects of goggle glass to its consumers.
The evidence for the proposed study will be sources from the news
reported in reliable sites such as the New York Times and articles
posted in the social media networks (such as Linkedin) by professionals
or healthcare organizations.
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