Peace and War Peace and War

In the story, War and Peace by Tolstoy (2008), the author introduces the reader to a Russian city of St. Petersburg towards the start of the 19[th] century. During that era, Napoleon has just completed conquest of Europe and the uncertainty of the situation is leading to fears among the Russians who are yet to know their fate. In the novel, the author introduces the other characters through by using a function in which the characters are expected to make known their names and characters. Some of the introduced character5s include Pierre and Andrew. In addition to these two, the author also introduces other characters in the name of Vasil, Anatone and Helena from the Kuragin family.
As the story begins, the Russian troops are subdued by the Napoleon troops together with the Austrians. In the story, Andrew and Nicholas head to the front line in order to participate in the brutal war. One of the major impacts is the presumed death of Andrew. Although he survives the brutal attacks, the wounds inflicted on him make the other persons to presume him dead. Meanwhile, Pierre becomes the sole heir to his father`s wealth and he starts plans of settling down with a wife.
According to the story, once Pierre inherits his father`s wealth, he proceeds to marry Helene Kuragina, despite the fact that Helena cheats on her husband. After Pierre uncovers his wife`s activities, he challenges the seducer to a duel in order to settle the issues accordingly. In the duel, Pierre nearly kills the seducer and it takes the intervention of community members to separate the two. In addition to the duel, Andrew`s wife is blessed with a son, just as her husband returns home. Due to the injuries inflicted on Andrew and the presumption that he was already dead, the family members are taken aback by his return.
Due to Pierre`s cheating wife, Pierre decides to divorce her and instead pursue Freemasonry (Tolstoy, 2008). In the new lease of life, Pierre tries to influence others to join him on order to experience the joys of being a freemason. One of the friends, who Pierre tries to influence, is Andrew. In addition, he tends to apply the teachings o the cult to estate management practices. Nicholas gambling activities are costing the Rostov`s family a huge fortune. In order to deal with the failing fortunes, the Rostov`s decide to sell their estate and encourage Nicholas to marry a rich heirless in order to regain the lost riches. This is despite the fact that Nicholas had already promised to marry Sonya. During this time, Napoleon make peace with Tsar Alexander and this marks the start of a peaceful era. Nicholas witnesses these activities and he gains significant military knowledge and skills from the ordeals.
Andrew falls in love with Natasha, who has already been engaged to several men, only to settle with Andrew. Knowing her character, Andrew`s father goes up against the planned marriage and instead tells Andrew and his lover to wait for one year before proceeding with the marriage. Despite the previous peace agreement between Napoleon and Tsar Alexander, Napoleon starts a series of attacks on Russia, making Tsar to declare war. Andrew joins the war and observes as Napoleon attacks Russia. In the ensuing war, Andrew`s father is forced out of his estate together with his daughter.
Tolstoy, L. (2008). War and Peace. New York, NY: Vintage Publishing.