My Personality Traits

My Personality Traits
When I was a young child, my parents always told me I should
grow happily and do what makes me happy. My parents taught me the
importance of dealing with my challenges directly and how to manage the
influence of my personal and academic life on my feelings and behaviors.
Following this, a number of positive traits define my personality and
these include my adaptable, analytical, and optimistic nature. These
positive traits are not all that define me because I have other traits
which I consider to be negative and they include: being inconsiderate,
laid-back, and unconfident. I try my best to understand my positive and
negative traits because doing so makes me understand my strongest and
weakest traits. By doing so, I understand my imperfections, given that
no one is perfect in the world. In my mind, I maintain that my best
characteristic is my optimism. A friend said this trait is advantageous
because it will ensure that I remain hopeful in life. Contrary to this,
another friend of mine also said that this trait is a drawback because
it can make one overly and blindly optimistic. On other hand, I think
that my worst characteristic is the fact that I am laid-back.
Personally, I think being optimistic enables me to protect myself from
negativity. From childhood to adulthood, optimism enabled me to make the
right choices and stay out of trouble because I was able to think about
the positive outcomes of actions and behaviors. This trait has
contributed to my happiness, good health and success so far, yet
pessimism would not have been helpful. When things go wrong, a pessimist
tends to blame himself, and to concentrate on the negative, while the
optimist looks for ways to improve. Besides, if things are going badly,
an optimist acts quickly, looks for solutions, makes a new plan of
action, and seeks appropriate advice. For example, when I was 16 years
old, I had an experience that developed my optimism. I mistakenly hurt
my knee and I had to stay at home for 1 week yet my final exams, which
were important to me, were coming up. My parents, teachers, and
classmates worried about my knee and my ability to complete the exams
and succeed but I was not afraid and I remained optimistic. Contrast to
their thoughts and feelings, I comforted them and told them not to
worry. I perceived the experience as a challenge that I could overcome,
and the scar that was left served as a lesson that has enabled me to
avoid similar injuries. Due to the fact that I could not go to school, I
requested my best friend to visit me every day so that she could
complete her homework with me and tutor me privately and we could talk
about different issues including our problems. Through hard work, I was
able to pass the final exam and achieve good results. I believe optimism
is important in all aspects of our lives, and therefore, it is important
to be optimistic all the time.
As I noted, I think my biggest weakness is my laid-back nature.
Although I spend a lot of time trying to be more assertive, I find
myself acting in non-assertive ways. Older individuals always told me
that diligence leads to success while laziness results in failure. This
statement has formed an important reference point for my attempts to
improve, and currently, I have enormous experiences that would attest to
the importance of assertiveness. Through working hard, I secured a
chance to study abroad. Although this is my second semester at San
Francisco State University, I have experienced challenges in my studies
and life as a result of my laid back nature. In life, I always lost some
important documents, because I did not clean up my desk. Moreover, I
often do not pay attention to adopting healthy diet because I rely on
fast foods and processed foods which are easier to prepare and this is
as a result of my laziness. Moreover, because of laziness, I made a
mistake in the first semester. For instance, one day, the accounting
professor asked us to find an article about accounting finally. The
professor went on to say this article would account for our extra
points, because by finishing the work as required, we would improve our
final results. Nevertheless, in order to save time, I did not look for
the article seriously and I ended up losing the extra points. Though
this was a trivial matter, it affected my total score. It taught me that
the laziness is a worst shortcoming for me.
As far as I am concerned, I think I should try to change my worst
characteristic. I believe that as long as I overcome laziness, I will
not be far away from success. Teachers advise students to avoid laziness
because it makes it difficult for them to achieve anything great. It is
through real effort and determination that great deeds are accomplished.
Laziness is not terrible, but being lazy triggers fear. We should not
let laziness take over, but should rather take control of our own lives.