Job Evaluation Vanessa Lugo

Columbia Southern University
Job Evaluation
The human resource field is an area that is tasked with ensuring that
an organization gets the best human capital for different departments.
The human resource department is tasked with coming up with job
descriptions for the organization’s staff members. This is done in
collaboration with experts from other fields and departments in order to
come with the most suitable job descriptions. The most suitable way for
evaluating any job is by having a checklist, which is filled in by staff
members and potential staff members to ensure that every staff member is
suited for the task that he or she is assigned. Jones PLC is a midsized
company that deals with manufacture and sale of toiletries.
Check list for the management department
The management department of the organization deals with
the daily operations and handling of the organization’s materials in
the most efficient way. The management plans, controls, organizes, and
directs an organization’s resources efficiently. The management sets
general goals and objectives of the organization which then inform the
duties of every other department so as to meet these goals (Conaty &
Ram, 2011). Most organizations have a management department that usually
comes up with the direction which the organization heads to and thus,
oversees the daily operations of an organization. Jones PLC has a
marketing department that plays the roles of setting the goals of the
Clearly give a job description for a typical day at work in management
of the company
What are your main roles and tasks?
Do you think that you utilize your maximum potential in your current
position? Please give a brief explanation for your answer.
In your own personal opinion, what is the major role of management in
this company?
What are your qualifications and their relevance for your current
position in the company?
Do you think the current number of staff members in your department is
enough? Please give a brief explanation for your answer.
Are there changes that you would want to see in your position?
Propose suitable changes for your department.
What is your most crucial role in the department and the organization at
Do you think your skills and competencies can be utilized in another
department or position? Please explain your answer.
Check list for the marketing department
Marketing in an organization ensures that the products of an
organization are well recognized especially in the target society. Thus,
the general duties involve creating brand awareness and visibility. This
is important because it is through creating brand recognition and
awareness that a company acquires clients. In some organizations, the
marketing department also plays the role of customer service and public
relations (Conaty & Ram, 2011). Thus, the roles of the marketing
department are dynamic depending on the size of the organization. In
Jones PLC, the marketing department plays the roles of marketing, public
relations and customer service.
What is your major role in the department?
Briefly describe your typical day at work.
Do the roles you play in your department explore your maximum potential?
Please explain your response.
Are there any changes in your department that would make the department
more responsive to the departmental needs than currently?
What is the relevance of your qualifications to your current position?
Are there individual talents and characteristics that suit your job
Do you think your department is currently well staffed? Please explain
your response.
Are there any market trends that challenge your daily activities at
work? What are the trends?
In relation, to question eight above, are there actions and measures
have your department taken to address these challenges?
Do you think your current position in the department needs any changes?
Please give a brief explanation.
Check list for the Human Resource department
The Human resource department at Jones PLC is very dynamic with experts
from various fields. The human resource department in any organization
is responsible for searching, recruiting, evaluating and training of
staff members for different departments. This is a crucial role because
the department must recruit the most suitable talent for all the
department and positions in an organization (Conaty & Ram, 2011). The
human resource department at Jones PLC works closely with experts from
each department to ensure that it adequately meets the requirements for
each department.
What are the general duties of your department in the organization?
What are your duties in the organization?
Briefly describe your typical day at work.
What are your qualifications and their relevance to your current
position in the department and the organization at large?
Are there any changes required in your current position? Please explain
your response.
The human resource area is among the most crucial departments in the
organization. Do you think that the department has the relevant
expertise and resources to carry out its duties efficiently? Kindly give
a brief explanation for your response.
Do you think the department is well staffed to enable it to meet its
functions in the organization?
Are there any personal characteristics and talents enable you to work
well in your current position?
Does your current position utilize your maximum potential? Please give a
brief explanation.
If you were to be moved to another department within the organization,
which department would best suit your skills and experience?
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