Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making The CEO and

Organizational Culture Profile
Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: The CEO and
Organizational Culture Profile
Management style and culture are important in modern day organizations.
Proper management requires that the top management implements a suitable
management style that is adopted by the whole organization for
uniformity of purpose. Google is an internet search engine company that
relies on the internet platform for operation. Google’s aim is to
collect, organize and disseminate information. Google was started in
1998, and its main products include cloud computing, online advertising,
search, and software. The company went public in 2004 (Stross, 2008).
Its unofficial mission statement is what guides its management. The
slogan is “Don’t be evil.” This is what guides the working culture
of Google’s employees and forms the basis of work ethics. The company
has a worldwide presence and has managed to dominate the search engine
internet sector.
Examine the culture of the selected organization.
Google’s work culture is based on several principles that are used,
as slogans to ensure that its worldwide employees are brought together
by a general purpose. The first statement is that one can make money
without doing evil. This is meant to guide the work ethics of employees.
The idea is to help employees to do right at all times and treat each
other well. This has instilled a culture of honesty and transparency
form the top management up to the lowest ranking employees (Mills,
2007). Additionally, this ensures that the company is responsive to the
demands of its clients and that the organization offers quality services
to all customers regardless of the revenue they bring the company.
Secondly, the company believes that one can be serious without a suit.
This culture guides the presentability of the employees. The idea is
that the work ethics of innovation and passion for work are more
important than how one dress’s. The employees ought to be smart and
presentable but above all, comfortable enough to work. The company
believes that what is important is the ability of the employee to
deliver on the company’s promises. There is also an emphasis of
individual achievement and teamwork in order to deliver the company’s
goals and objectives (Google Inc, 2014). Additionally, the company
believes that work should be fun and challenging and having a liberal
dress code ensures that workers enjoy their day at work.
The company also embraces the cultures and values of the global society
in its operations. Occasionally, the company has doodle’s that depict
different cultures and events in different countries. Google’s
employees also come from different cultures and their needs are embraced
in the company’s operations (Google Inc, 2014). This brings in
diversity of ideas and operations which enables the company to thrive
across the globe. The culture of embracing diversity has helped the
company’s management bring unity to the company, and this has led to
the growth.
Explain how you determined that the selected organization showed signs
of the culture that you have identified.
The company’s culture of avoiding evil is evident in the way the
organization manages its platforms. Google’s site has no pop- ups
which cause distraction and annoy users. Additionally, Google gives all
advertisers equal opportunity with no preferential for the size of any
company. The advertisements are also not flashy and too screaming
(Google Inc, 2014). Google’s culture of smart casual, dress code is
also evident in the way employees dress. Usually, the company posts
photos of its employees at work and most of them are casually dressed,
but the culture of innovation is evident from the ever improving
technological growth posted by Google. The culture of diversity also
makes it one of the companies that attract skilled manpower over the
Determine the factors that caused the organization to embody this
Google embraced the culture of avoiding evil because it has operations
across the globe and needed a unifying factor that would enable it to
operate successfully. Additionally, transparency is what has enabled the
company to remain trustworthy and attract more people to its platform.
Google also embraced the culture of diversity because it operates across
the globe and in different cultures. In order to gain acceptability
across the world, Google has had to embrace different cultures and fit
them to its operations. Being a global company, Google had to embrace
diversity in order to reflect its global nature (Helft, 2009).
Additionally, Google has embraced the culture of innovation and put it
ahead of official dress code because innovation and passion for work is
more important than appearance.
Determine what type of leader would be best suited for this
organization. Support your position.
The thought leader would be best suited to lead Google. A thought
leader is one who inspires and encourages employees to envision change
and new ideas at all times. The leader helps the employees to push their
capacities to greater heights and come up with new ideas that inspire
change and new beginnings (Thornton, 2013). This is because Google is a
technology- oriented company, and technology is always changing. This
means that for the company to stay ahead, it requires constant
innovation, and this can be well achieved if the leader encourages
employees to be creative and innovative always. This will help the
company to remain innovative and embrace new technologies, thus,
enabling it to have a competitive advantage over competitors.
Imagine that there is a decline in the demand of product(s) or services
supplied by the selected organization. Determine what the change in
culture would need to be in response to this situation.
Technology is ever changing, and this means that new technologies can
easily overtake Google’s products. In the event that the demand for
Google’s products decline, the company can diversify its core business
in order to remain relevant since Google is a trusted company,
diversifying its business to include software production. This would
give Google an advantage over other companies because Google is already
trusted in the technology sector (Helft, 2009). Thus, the culture would
change to innovation in other areas apart from the main areas of
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