In the article “Home” by Mok, the author describes the experience of

how she stayed in her real hometown-Mainland China. The author was born
in Hong Kong, so she wanted back to her hometown, a village in Canton.
However, she felt as if she had landed on another planet. The author
felt uncomfortable when she was at train station because the people
wanted to sell something to her or suggested many inns to her. The
author’s uncle and aunt just asked her if she had brought any gift or
money for them when they met at the station. The author was so
disappointed that she decided to stay for only three days. In addition,
she seldom went out within the three days.
When I graduated from high school, our family decided to let me study
in the U.S. I chose to study in the University of Oregon, which is
located in Eugene, Oregon. I imagined a lot of views about Eugene before
I landed. However, I felt like I had landed on a small village rather
than a big modern city.
The first moment I went out of the airport, there was only a handful
people outside and there appeared to be no taxi on site. This made me
feel helpless and lonely. Nevertheless, I asked one of the airport staff
if he could call a taxi for me. He helped me to find a taxi and,
finally, I arrived at my place. Every day, I would take the bus to go to
the University. It is quite disappointing that the bus would only
operate once every half an hour, which is very different from China.
Indeed, this proved extremely inconveniencing especially in instances
where I missed the bus as I would have to wait until the next thirty
minutes. In addition, the supermarket was too far from my place, which
was extremely inconveniencing as I could only manage to go to the
supermarket on the weekends. Before I came to the U.S., I thought it was
easy to live alone in the U.S., but when I started to living in the U.S.
by myself, I realized it was a very difficult thing to me.
Even more disappointing was the level of inefficiency that Americans,
contrary to my thoughts, exhibited. The first time I came to the office
to submit my applications, the officer told me I should wait for 8
weeks. I had no problem waiting for 8 weeks, but when I went back and
asked the officer whether the application had been approved, he stated
that I had to wait for another 4 weeks. Upon enquiring why I had to wait
for another four weeks, he just stated that he was sorry but there was
nothing more he could do for me. I was so angry and speechless because I
thought Americans were extremely punctual.
As much as Eugene presented me with an extremely hard time, it was a
memorable and good experience. It taught me how to take care of myself
and enhanced my independence. Of course, my life in the United States
was not the same as I had imagined, which was quite disappointing.
However, I was grateful that I had a chance to study in the country as
it enhanced my independence. It is imperative that individuals take more
challenges when in undesirable situations.