Field Observation 1&2

HW1-Field Observation I Assignment (Inductive Research)
This inductive research is based on an upscale shopping mall located on
the outskirts of a busy urban center. The building is a five-storey
house with diverse businesses. The shops sell various items including
jewelry, electronics, currency exchange bureaus, boutiques, grocery
stores, restaurants, bakeries, banks and fast food outlets among other
businesses. A big percentage of the visitors are foreigners and parents
accompanied by their children. Many young women in the shopping mall are
in the company of men, who are pushing trolleys, and paying for the
products they purchase. In addition, the shopping mall is decorated with
high-end tiles, bright colors, and signboards of various popular brands.
Outside the shopping mall, the ground is tiled, but there are lanes and
tall flower placed at strategic places. There are also artificial
springs and waterfalls around the building. This helps to keep the
atmosphere humid and cool during the summer. Similarly, the building has
extensive air-conditioning system that helps to keep the in-house
temperature steady. The whiff around the building changes from one
section to the other depending on the business in the area. For example,
the fast foods’ section has an attractive food aroma while electronics
section has a poor smell. The noise is moderate since it comes from
shoppers and stereo systems from various businesses.
From the observations I made in this shopping mall, it seems many people
frequenting the destination are wealthy people on random shopping
splurge. For instance, the clients move from one store to the other with
no goal for visiting a given shop. The average time people in this
shopping mall take a range from four to six hours. The security in the
building is extremely tight. The State Emergency Service (SES) in the
building is excellent with ambulances, CCTV cameras, and heavily armed
law enforcers making periodic patrols in the building. Visitors coming
in the shopping mall are passing through a security check where their
cars are inspected using high-end security devices and sniffer dogs. The
high security in the shopping mall is explicable from the structural
strain theory, that asserts, insecurity arises from people’s cultural
ambitions and the methods available for achieving them. Since some
people have bigger goals than they can achieve, they can attempt to
conduct robberies or even hold hostage shoppers in the shopping mall in
order to demand forcefully their preferred personal ambitions such as
wealth or fame. Lastly, people shopping in this mall could be motivated
by rational choice theory that states that assert that people come in
this shopping mall because they have surplus money to purchase items
that are generally highly priced than low-end shopping outlets (DeWalt &
DeWalt, 2002). In fact, majority of the clients range from middle to
high income earning people.
The observation of men accompanying women, pushing trolleys and paying
for the products the women is explainable from the feminist theory that
emphasizes that men should treat women fairly. On the other hand, from
social learning perspective, many people come to this shopping mall in
order to prove that they belong to the wealthy class.
HW2-Field Observation Assignment Part 2 (Deductive Research)
This study will be based on a high-end shopping mall. In will collect
data through observing the environment, behaviors of people, class,
gender, and the relationship of people. Moreover, I will interview some
couples and women with children coming into the shopping mall in the
company of their children. The hypothesis of this study will seek to
evaluate whether feminist theory seeks to oppress men by making them
take their female lovers in costly high-end shopping centers.
Although I made this observation one week later, I made similar
observations that many young women coming into the shopping malls came
in the company of men. The men carried the shopping baggage and paid for
the expenses of their spouses. The women who came in the company of men
took large trolleys for putting the items they would purchase. On the
other hand, women who came in the company of their children as well as,
those who came alone entered the shopping mall without taking the
shopping trolleys. This observation supported my hypothesis that many
women are influenced by the feminist theory believe that men should
invest and spend heavily on them in order to win their loyalty. I
interviewed a few men who were in the company of women, and paying for
the shopping. Over 90% confessed that they were dating the women, so
they were trying to treat them nicely in order to win their loyalty. On
the other hand, 80% of the mothers in the shopping mall with their
children confided that they are married, but their husbands could not
agree to accompany them in the shopping mall since items are too costly
and they do not want to spend heavily. However, 20% of women belong to
the high-income class thus, they do not need anyone to meet their
This matched the complemented my hypothesis that feminists believe that
men should spend their resources on impressing women, but wealthy women
do not need men’s assistance since they have the capacity taking care
of their expenses. This finding matches the feminist theory bias that
men and women are equal, but men have a responsibility of providing for
women’s social needs. Moreover, this theory matches the social learning
theory (DeWalt & DeWalt, 2002). This concept is influenced by the
society goals that expect men to provide for their spouses. This
explains the reason why females coming into the shopping malls take
trolleys for carrying the products their husbands/boyfriends will buy.
This trend was common with both local and foreign visitors.
Inductive research differ from the deductive study, in that, analysts
base their evaluations on a wide topic. The researcher’s reasoning
drifts from a given and narrow observation to a broader problem. For
example, the inductive research in this study sought to understand the
reason many men seemed to give special treatment to women. The study
then summarized that feminist theory influences to strive in providing
for women, in order, to win their trust. On the contrary, deductive
analysis starts from a general thesis to a defined result. The
researcher draws logic reasoning from the observations and facts from
the study. The observations I made in this mall changed my attitude
towards women being dependent on men. This is because many high-income
earning women who were financing their shopping splurge in this
high-class shopping mall.
From the two observation techniques, I applied, I preferred the
inductive research approach. This method involves observing the
behaviors of a group of people and their behavior patterns, then drawing
conclusions from these observations. The analysis people conduct
finalizes into given practical theory.
DeWalt, K. M., & DeWalt, B. R. (2002). Participant observation: A guide
for fieldworkers. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press.