Evaluating audiences for Various Electronic Media

The issues that I might want to blog about concerns ethical issues
regarding euthanasia, abortion and gay marriages. All these three issues
constitute ethical concerns in one way or another, and blogging them may
help in communicating to the audience.
Euthanasia constitutes killing a person out of mercy for instance, an
individual may be willing to die in order to save his family from the
burden of paying high bills for a disease that does not have a cure. In
such a case, the person may ask the doctor to show mercy and kill him.
This raises an ethical concern since according to the Hippocratic Oath,
physicians should not engage in killing a person (Cavan 43). This raises
the question whether doctors should practice euthanasia. I think they
should not since it is against the Hippocratic Oath. On the other hand,
killing, whether out of mercy or not, is not ethical.
The other issue concerns the issue of abortion. Abortion entails the
expulsion of a pregnancy prior to the due time of giving birth. The
subject of abortion has been an area of discussion in debates and public
forums since there is the ethical issue that emerges: should people be
permitted to carry out an abortion? Some countries have gone ahead and
given the mass the authority and the right to perform an abortion.
Although sometimes abortion emerges as the only alternative in a medical
issue, I think it is wrong to give individuals the right to perform an
abortion any time that they feel like. If this is the scenario,
individuals are likely to be promiscuous since they know that they have
the alternative of not keeping the pregnancy terminating the pregnancy.
Besides, legalization of abortion is wrong since it tends to deny the
unborn the right of life. Therefore, it is not ethical to give
individuals the right to carry abortions since it is against the will of
Gods to kill and denies the unborn the right to life (Ginsburg 27).
However, I think abortion needs to be permitted in certain cases for
example, in a medical ground. Sometimes, there may be complications
where the only option is to save the child or the mother in such a
scenario, an abortion should be permitted so as to save the mother.
Also, in instances of rape, I think an abortion should be allowed since
the mother may end up denying the child motherly love since she may view
the father as a criminal. Therefore, although making abortion legal is
unethical it is also ethical to permit abortion in some cases. For
example, where the life of the mother has to be saved through carrying
out an abortion (Ginsburg 82).
The other ethical issue concerns whether it is ethical to make gay
marriages legal. Gay marriages entail a male person marrying another
male. The subject of gay nuptials has surfaced in the entire globe,
where gays are seeking the right to legally marry their male
counterparts. I think it is unethical to give gays the right to marry
their male counterparts. This is because the gay marriage is against the
social standards that provide the definition of a family a family needs
to constitute a woman and a man (Lopez 4). A gay marriage only
constitutes male individuals this is seen as morally wrong, which is
not ethical. Besides, it is unethical since it is against the God’s
will. Therefore, it should not be made legal.
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