Diving Into the Wreck Student Name`s

Diving Into the Wreck
Biographical Context
The poem diving into the wreck was written by Adrienne Rich who is from Baltimore by birth. Her influence to write was ignited by the books she found in her father`s library collection. She took an interest in reading the books of different writers for example Rossetti, Ibsen, Tennyson and Keats. She tried her best to fulfill her father`s dreams regarding her excellence (Rich Adrienne, 140). She graduated during the time where there were no female teachers. In the year 1951, her first collection of poems was selected for the award of Younger poets in the Yale series.
In the 1950`s where she experienced motherhood and life as a wife, she tried reflecting this in her collection changing her subject matter and style and she got a hostile response. She was termed as being personal and bitter to which did not go well with her readers. Later in 1966, she decided to be an activist of feminism with involvement in civil rights and anti-war campaigns (Rich Adrienne, 144). The life of the poet influences the poets work because we see most of her poems based on the life experiences she went through in her different stages in her life. Also she talks of the multiple self she discovered buried within her.
Historical Context
The poem dividing into the wreck was written in the early 1970`s. The poem does reflect the time in which it was written since at that time, there was a gender identity transformation. Women movements at that time were widespread (Rich Adrienne, 144). The wreck might have been the gender stereo typing. At the time, there were no female teachers. It is however tempting to inquire the connection of the poem and the history in general in the years of early 1970`s. There was change in culture and women movement contributed a lot to that.
It would however not be right to completely specify what the wreck was. It could have been gender oriented or something else in general, even though the gender element is the conspicuous one. The poem has questions which has no answers to them which may take us into the direction of more of a personal perspective. It can further be noted as a personal experience due t the fact that she states that the poem is not regarding an experience but what she went through, meaning it is her own experience. She states that in the journey she is alone in a boat where the journey could be a symbol of her life.
Critical Context
The poem is included in the text because it touches a part of life of every person. It shows that it is always good to reflect on the past and see what was or what could have been. It helps in expressing oneself in a more profound manner without necessarily stating the real character that could have been offensive to another person. As the poem progresses, we notice that the poet makes the journey alone but as she reaches her destiny which is symbolized by the wreck, she finds that she is not alone. This shows that the journey she makes is made by many others.
My Interpretation to the poem would therefore be the poet`s journey. There might have been something that happened in her existence that damaged, hurt or left her bitter, which she wants to retrace her footsteps and see what really happened. It shows that she is scared of looking in the past since she does not know what she might find hence the reluctance to let go the ladder, and she also carries a knife for protection. She however locates back her way. But as for the myth, I think it remains a myth since she couldn`t find anything she was looking for maybe because she was scared and so she captures nothing in the camera she carries.
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