Differences and Similarities between Online Studying and in Class Studying

For many decades schools have existed as institutions of learning where
individual go to get education. Traditional education facilities were
like societies, where students would interact with their teachers and
their fellow students. It called for learners to attend classes, form
associations and follow a well organized curriculum, course plan and
syllabus. Online learning does not call for face to face interaction
between the teacher and the student. It is learning through the
internet, and as such the leaner does not have to attend classes or
directly interact with the tutor. Student studying online do not have
strict guidelines, they can attend college sessions from any part of the
world and complete their class work at any time. This work will discuss
the similarities and differences between online studying and classroom
Both online and classroom studying are managed by institution that sets
certain rules and guidelines to be followed. The course under both
methods of studying is basically the same. The reading materials and the
content of the course work are also similar. Students are expected to
complete assignments as per the guidelines of their respective schools
and their instructors. In both the classroom and online studying the
students are able to maintain and create teams and other social groups.
Classroom studying gives the student a chance to form groups and clubs
to discuss class materials. While the face to face discussions are
absent in on line studying, learners can form on line teams to discuss
various assignments given by the instructor. There are various methods
such as email, whereby online students can exchange ideas, information
and discuss various matters relating to the course.
Learning in the classroom begins when the tutors enters the classroom.
The tutor is the instructor of all students in the classroom and as such
everything is centered on him or her. While the students can read on
their own since their made aware of the course requirement early in the
term or session, the tutor is the one who decides the mode and manner in
which affairs will be carried out in classroom. Online learning gives
the student more flexibility. The learner can study at any time and does
not work under any time schedule except when it comes to assignment
The level of student interaction with the lecturer and participation in
classroom affairs is more in classroom studying than online studying.
Students have a chance to ask for clarifications, questions and other
important aspects that relate to their course. Additionally, the tutor
has an opportunity to ask question in the classroom and get a feedback
on whether the learners understand the course content. Even though
Students studying online can still interact with their lecturers through
online platforms such as chats and emails, the level of interaction is
low and sometimes limited to messaging. The advantage that students in
classroom environment enjoys such as interacting with fellow students
face to face is absent to online learners.
A major difference between online learning and classroom studying is the
range of subjects offered. In classroom setting the number of subjects
offered is limited since a given teacher can only handle a limited
number. The number of lecturers present in the institution dictates the
subject to be offered. Online studying is also privy to this
disadvantage but in some cases the course contents is pre-recorded so
that students can access the information through audio visual methods.
This significantly opens up subjects available to the students.
Classroom studying is more costly that online studying. Under classroom
setting the student is expected to pay tuition and other related fees
that cover for the services such as library, laboratory and dormitory.
The student will also need to buy reading and writing materials, and
online studying removes most of such expenses. It uses technology and
the students will only require a gadget that can access internet. There
is no need to travel or purchase course materials, everything is offered
As said above, many differences exist between on line studying ad
classroom studying. Nevertheless, the main aim in both cases remains the
same to help students understand the contents of the course. Students
complete assignments and take examinations to show they are aware with
the course content. Generally, online studying serves as a complimentary
to classroom studying by offering learning opportunities to individuals
who cannot be able to attend classroom session, thus it will continue to
become famous.