Customer Value Proposition

Customer Value Proposition
According to Barnes et al (2009), a value proposition refers to a marketing or business statement, which summarizes why customers ought to use a service or buy a company`s product. It aims at convincing potential buyers of a product or users of a service: that product or service is best in the market. For this purpose to be achieved, the value statement should be clear and easily understandable.
Diason Tours and Travel America Company offer three days free travel for its customers. This helps customers to save over ten thousand dollars as opposed to other companies that do not offer free travel to customers. On the arrival of tourists, the company arranges to pick them up from the airport to the camps. The camps provide meals at the customer`s disposal. This saves them over sixteen thousand dollars. In addition, the camps provide free Wi-Fi internet access, and this saves the customers over a thousand dollars. According to market research, touring with other companies costs over eighty thousand dollars per customer. It is estimated that touring with Diason saves the customer over thirty thousand dollars.
Diason Tours and Travel Company America customer proposition
We offer tour services and tour guides to Mount McKinley in America at a cost of 50,000 dollars for 10 days.
We target local, as well as international tourists from various parts of the world. We give an opportunity to view and climb mount McKinley and to party on the slopes in the moonlight.
> Save hotel fee.
> Enjoy free transport from the airport.
> Get three days free tour.
> Save over 30,000 dollars.
A figure summarizing customer value proposition
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