Compare Shopping Online With Traditional Shopping

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Compare Shopping Online With Traditional Shopping
Shopping is an inevitable exercise for everyone regardless of their social economic status, age, gender, race, religion or any other aspect. Whether we like it or not, we find ourselves shopping for certain products be it foodstuff, electronics, cars, clothing, utensils, groceries as well as services. Shopping experience has seen a drastic change in the 21st century as shopping has greatly shifted from traditional shopping to online shopping. Whether online shopping is better than traditional shopping, is a progressing debate among most shoppers. This essay seeks to compare online shopping with traditional shopping.
Online shopping is a situation whereby retailers, manufacturers or producers are able to sell their merchandise through a website to an unlimited number of online users. As such, a buyer is able to have a wide range of products to choose from. This is only because retailers are able to put a variety of product on their websites that would not be easy to display in a brick and mortar store. Brick and mortar stores only store products that are selling which may not necessarily be the best quality. Therefore online stores are unable to offer unlimited products that shoppers can compare and choose the best product.
Online shopping saves time. When in traditional shopping one has to avail themselves physically in a store, online shopping can be done at the comfort of one`s home. When shopping online, a few minutes surfing through shopping websites are enough to establish the product one desires to buy. Payment is also made online or on delivery. In traditional shopping, one wastes a lot of time in the traffic, trying to go around the mall or moving from store to store looking for the product one wishes to buy. In addition, one may be required to queue for payment or services. This can be very inconveniencing especially during holidays when people are trying to enjoy their holidays. With busy schedules, saving time is one of the most important aspects people consider when engaging in activities. Thus, online shopping offers convenience and saves time. The time spared when shopping online can allow a person to enjoy quality time with family and friends can enjoy a movie or engage in other constructive activities such as complete other personal tasks or job related tasks.
Shopping online is cheaper than traditional shopping. Although some people perceive online shopping as expensive in terms of shipment costs the truth is considering other factors in traditional shopping including the amount of time used to shop, the amount of gasoline consumed in traffic when going shopping, online shopping is far much fair than traditional shopping. In addition, traditional brick and mortar stores have a physical space and other associated expenses including staff, utility bills and other expenses which in the end are passed to their products. Establishing and maintaining a website is quite affordable as compared to establishing and maintaining a physical store. Hence, online shops are able to offer their products at relatively affordable prices than brick and mortar stores.
Pricing in online shopping is real, and one pays for the price they see on the item they purchase. This is not so in traditional shopping. Sometimes customers are forced to ask for the price of a product and may be charged different prices depending on one`s bargaining power. The sellers in brick and mortar stores ensure that they get the maximum possible profit for their products. Even in self service traditional stores, price tags may not reflect the actual price. The price tag may be meant to entice shoppers, while at the counter, they end up paying for a higher price. In online shopping one can therefore, be able to budget for their money unlike in traditional shopping where one ends up spending more than anticipated since prices are determined at the cashier.
Online shopping also allows a person to shop any time any day. The websites are active and accessible 24/7 allowing shoppers to shop any time anywhere, at the comfort of their homes. In brick and mortar stores, shopping time is limited. Stores are opened and closed at a specific time, which may inconvenience people with tight work schedules that may not permit them time to shop.
Nevertheless, traditional shopping offers irrefutable plus points. Traditional brick and mortar stores have immediate gratification which is admired by a majority of the population. When one wants a product right away, retail stores are the only option. One does not have to wait for delivery as one can get the product on their own right away.
In addition, traditional shopping offers a personal experience in shopping. To some people for example, shopping is part of socialization and extracurricular activities. Going shopping is more of a leisure activity than a task to traditional shoppers. In fact, to some people, shopping is a social rite. For example, wives or fiancées of prominent politicians or celebrities engage in traditional shopping as leisure. It is commonplace to see people like Victoria Beckham travel to Paris just for shopping. This is an experience that online shopping does not offer. Traditionally women are known to be lovers of shopping as a social rite, an activity that many women still uphold.
Another outstanding plus point of traditional shopping is the ability of the shopper to have direct contact with the product. A customer is able to see the product, touch it and compare it with others by touching and not just by a mere description like in websites. This experience is very important for certain products such as clothing. It is usually safer to buy a trouser or a shirt that one has fitted than buying the same online. In most cases, buying clothes online may present some challenge as one must know a product prior purchase. For example, for one to purchase a Samsung home theatre online for instance would probably require that one have seen it and have experience its sound quality. Consequently, in traditional shopping, one can have the chance to return a product they have picked for another. In online shopping, once a person has ordered a product, it is difficult to change the order.
In the modern days, everything that can be purchased from a physical store can be obtained online. Websites such as Amazon, eBay and other online stores offer an opportunity for buyers to shop online. Similarly, more people are switching to online shopping due to the conveniences it offers. Although in some situation, people find traditional shopping more convenient and enjoyable. Depending on the situation and preferences, one may decide to shop online or from brick and mortar stores.