Coaching, Counseling, and Career Development

Coaching, Counseling, and Career Development
Counseling as collective feedback
The counseling scenario discussed is both insightful and captivating.
What seems extremely interesting is the approach used by the manager to
extract information from the employee. It is evident that in counseling
it is vital to use various strategies to ensure that the employees who
are underperforming come into terms and agree that a problem exists. The
counseling scenario was useful in the way the manager gave the employee
an opportunity to express himself. The aspect of allowing employees to
air their view and asking them what they think the way forward should be
can be applied in my workplace. By doing so, it is evident that the
employee will not only learn, but will also adjust to a working program
that he or she feels a part of.
One question which remains unanswered is the exact point where coaching
transits to counseling. It is confusing as to when one should coaching
or counseling. In addition, it is also not clear on the situations which
counseling should be applied for the purposes of improving performance
and the effects such a move would make.
Employee career development discussion
What specific career planning initiatives might be useful to Premier?
It is vital to have on-site experiences as a career planning initiative
at Premier. This may include role play and problem solving exercises.
This will go a long way in determining the level of skills and knowledge
that each employee possesses in regard to the job needs. Premier should
also ensure that the managers set goals for every employee to ensure
that employees perform optimally. Lastly, it is paramount to have a
career planning initiative through ensuring that employees are informed
of the skills, knowledge and traits that are required to ensure their
individual career growth.
What ideas do you have relative to career planning initiatives that you
think could be implemented at Premier?
The career planning initiative that involves letting employees to
demonstrate their management and leadership skills can be implemented at
premier. This can be achieved through skills assessment exercises where
employees can display their skills.
Conversely, are there any career planning initiatives that you think
would be particularly ineffective at Premier? If so, which ones, and
It is vital to note that the career planning initiatives set must
ensure that the goals set are achievable. It is critical to ensure that
the goals set do not put off the employees’ morale. However, in order
to ensure the initiative is effective at Premier, the goals set should b
ILRHR506: Communicating, Coaching and Counseling for Improved