RESEARCH METHODS AND WRITING How Does Visa Fraud by War Criminals
Negatively Affect Immigration in the United States?
Methodology and Research Strategy
This study will use qualitative research approach. This is because this
strategy will help in the collection of descriptive, raw information.
Information applied will be collected from primary sources such as
books, journals and interviews with people specializing in this field.
An individual can employ various methodologies in order to gather
relevant information. However, this research will use written documents
and detailed open-ended interviews. Eligible interviewees will include
police officers dealing with war criminals, officials in the department
of immigration and war criminals themselves. The researcher will
distribute the questionnaires to interviewees in hardcopies and
softcopies through emails. Nonetheless, the researcher will conduct the
interview on some people through a telephone call. Since it is hard to
identify or make war criminals agree to take the interview, the
researcher will give hardcopies of the interview to incarcerated
victims. This will help in ensuring that interviewees are war criminals
in the United States, and they entered the came into the country using
fraud visa. Qualitative research strategy is preferred to other
techniques since it allows a researcher to examine distinct cases,
events, or issues exhaustively. Prearranged classes of analysis do not
restrict data gathering. This, in turn, enables a researcher to collect
in-depth details that other approaches such as quantitative cannot
support. However, a combination of quantitative and qualitative data
collection techniques helps in elaborating and contextualizing
statistical “facts.” Thus, the researcher will use quantitative
research techniques, in few instances, in order to gather higher quality
information. Potential written information the researcher will use
include journals, print newspapers, autobiographies, logs, program
records, and personal diaries.
This research will evaluate how visa fraud by war criminals affects
immigration in the United States. Similarly, it will seek whether there
are additional methods war criminals use to get to the US. Another aim
of the research would be determining possible solutions that can help to
prevent fraud by war criminals. Lastly, it will establish whether
creating stricter immigration regulations will reduce infiltration into
the US by war criminals using fraud visa.
Independent variables in this study include war criminals escaping
international justice. In addition, it will also include war criminals
looking for legal asylum. On the other hand, dependent variables will
include intention of the war criminals moving into the US. The other
variable will be the homelands of visa fraud immigrants.
Findings and Analysis
In order t make information collected from the research easy to
understand, the data from document reviews and interviews will be
arranged into major categories, case samples and themes. In addition,
the researcher will use visual aids such as line graphs, pie charts and
histograms to show constant comparison of qualitative data. Visual
diagrams make it simpler to understand the concepts and recommendations
from the research data collected. Moreover, a part of the findings in
the research will be presented in a form of a story. This will make it
possible to offer a detailed explanation of presented information. A
story presentation is effective in the analysis of qualitative research
because it includes thematic organization, attention to details, and
direct quotes from the reviewed journals and interviewed individuals.
Nicholas Weiss (2012: 581) asserts that the USA and Canada offer a haven
for war criminals escaping justice. The countries’ policies in
prosecuting human rights’ violators are weak compared to the
international standard requirements. This, in turn, explains the reason
many people seeking to escape accountability of their war crimes prefer
living in the USA. From the data collected in the research, most of the
war criminals sneaking into the United States come from developed and
second world countries. Most of the incarcerated respondents entered
into the country illegally using visa fraud, but officials in the
immigration department assisted them. In Refugees, War Criminals, and
International Law, the author asserts that UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) was established in 1950 with a mandate “to lead and
coordinate international action for the world-wide protection of
refugees and the resolution of refugee problems.” Nonetheless, this
organization has failed in its purpose because it lacks essential
supplies for detecting and arresting suspected criminals.
On the same note, various policies in the United States make it a haven
for war criminals. For instance, foreigners who have lived in the
country for a given period can become citizens through naturalization.
Besides, an individual automatically becomes a United States citizen
through marrying a legal American citizen. In such a case, The US
prosecutes war criminals and incarcerates them for crimes of getting
into the United States illegally (United States 2007, 26). However,
these individuals are rarely prosecuted for war crimes they committed in
their countries (Weiss 2012, 587).
From the interviews and readings used in the collection of data, visa
fraud immigration into the United States denies qualified individuals
from migrating into the United States. In addition, illegal immigrants
coming into the nation endanger the US internal security is. Preliminary
investigations of the attackers involved in September 11 attacks had
entered the United States using student visa cards (United States 2007,
33). Some students had acquired these cards illegally. Besides, illegal
immigrants into the United States often strain the economy because they
use emergency rooms and other basic services for American citizens.
One of the questions in the interview prompted the interviewees to
explain whether there are strategies that the United States can use to
reduce visa fraud cases. Most of the respondents recommended reshuffling
of key officials in the immigration, custom and other departments that
facilitate immigration of citizens into the United States. Some war
criminals reported that either customs officers or law enforcers aided
them to acquire fraud visas and get into the country. The journals and
newspapers recommended that the United States could prevent visa fraud
by criminals through creating strict policies that will deny them an
opportunity to become US citizens even through marriage (United States
2007, 41).
The findings in this research are that weak immigration policies in the
US and corrupt officials in charge of issuing the US visas have
contributed into increased visa fraud cases. However, this study did not
offer adequate knowledge on the benefits of illegal immigration.
Moreover, they are a burden because they strain the US’ economy, and
they are security threats. However, majority of the war criminals are
good taxpayers and key entrepreneurs. Additional research is essential
to establish the negative effect of denying war criminals an opportunity
to stay in the country.
This study reveals that visa fraud by war criminals into the US affects
the country’s economy negatively. The immigrants strain economy
resources in the US because some of them do not pay taxes. Besides,
ineligible immigrants get an opportunity to live and work in the United
States while qualified people fail to get such an opportunity. On the
same note, these individuals are security threats. In the journal
reviews research, it emerged out that most of the 9/11 attackers had
come into the United States using students’ and fraud visas. Others
had managed to acquire citizenship in the country through marrying local
American citizens. In order to prevent illegal immigration into the US,
the immigration policies should be revised to make them stricter.
Besides, the policies will make it impossible for war criminals that
have stayed in the US to evade justice for possible crimes against
humanity or other offences.
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