A Disappointed Experience

The essay “Home” which was written by Mok describes a story when she went back to her hometown. She was confused that everyone looked at her like a tourist, such as recommended the goods and the inns. She felt strange. Then she was glad that her relatives went to the station to welcome her, but the relatives asked her some questions that disappointed. They asked questions like whether she brought enough money and gifts. She felt disappointed and wanted go back to Hong Kong. Finally, she changed her minds to stay there for three days instead of one week.
I have a similar experience with the author. I have a good friend she comes from Shanghai, China. Last summer vacation, I traveled to Shanghai and stayed at my friend`s home. I heard that many people say Shanghai residents think they are richest people in China hence tend to look down on people from other cities. In my mind, I thought the international city Shanghai people should be friendly.
When I went to Shanghai, my friend received me at the train station. I was glad to see my friend at the station because I had not visited Shanghai city before. Then I went to her home, and her family members invited me to have dinner in a restaurant. I was so happy that her family members were friendly. I was surprised that Shanghai is really an international city. There are a lot of beautiful and modern buildings. Then we arrived at the restaurant and got out of her father`s vehicle. I also brought my handbag. At this point, her mother said to me “There is no money in your bag, nobody wants your bag. Do not bring it, it is unnecessary!” Then she threw my bag into the trunk. I was angry at that time. I was confused why she threw my bag. Although it was not expensive, it was mine. I really wanted to say something to the mother but since she is my friend`s mother, I decided to show some respect. Finally, “I said I do not want to bring my bag at all”. I felt bad at that time. It was a bad start for my vacation.
Finally, I decided to live outside on my own. I told my friend that I just wanted to travel by myself. At the first time of the travel, I felt excited. In the end, I was disappointed, for what had happened. I learned that, we should respect one another. When a friend comes to your hometown, to be a master, one should make him or her feel warm and happy.